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IQ1000 230 Vac domestic rolling shutters electronic control unit

Domestic rolling shutters & barriers electronic control unit

Supplier : Autotech
Part Number : iQ-1000
Barcode : 5210119000579
ERP Code : ATG-0014

Electronic control panel receiver for shutters 230VAC

Official Autotech Distributor
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product details

AUTOTECH iQ-1000 - Electronic table receiver control for shutters 230 VAC


Electronic table receiver control (integrated tuner in board) for shutters, iQ-1000 type, from the company AUTOTECH. The shutters are suitable because powered by a single phase 230V AC and have own limit switches ( the table does not recognize them  - required to stop the voltage before the safety time pass 2 min within cut off voltage automatically from the panel). Also available a suitable version for the remote switch 230 VAC.


Key Features

  • Maximum motor current: 5A/250VAC
  • Built-in remote control receiver 433.92 MHz, rolling code.
  • Input for the command button(BUTTON).
  • In the closed position the retention time of switches are : 2 min (for safety reasons, in case if anyone motor limit switch misses.)
  • It does not support photocells safety and automatically recognition of  the voltage interruption from the motor terminals. Primarily intended for small household shutters windows with voltage operate 230 VAC.
  • Very easy wiring and remote programming.
  • Extremely compact construction. Dimensions: 44x44x25 mm

Wiring - Connection

The typical connection of the AUTOTECH iQ-1000 electronic control panel is checking with a single phase of 2 motor windings ( videlicet for 2 times rotation- e.g opening & closing or lifting & lowering ) as in below :


Optionally the table can be connected with control button, as in the following figure:


Attention: the control button working with the voltage 230 VAC.


Basic Instructions

The table receiver of AUTOTECH iQ-1000 can not work with any random remote of trade even if works in same frequency (433.92 MHz). Only work with compatible remote controls of the same manufacturer because have the same protocol communnication and frequency.


Registration code to receiver from a compatible remote control transmitter

Το begin the registration process one of the remote control buttons ( remote control transmitter ), we must press the button Auto Learn on the top of the receiver table AUTOTECH iQ-1000.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Press the button Auto Learn and leave it.

->The indicator LED stays on for 10 sec.

  • As the indicator LED stays on, and the remote control ( transmitter ) in the receiver table, press the remote control button ( transmitter ) who want to "learn" the receiver table.

->Essentially, the receiver table register the code from the registered remote control in memory for this specific button and associates it with the selected channel.

  • The completed process:

->if become a successful registration or->if we do nothing before the indicator LED on the receiver table back to normal indication of that slow flashing ( so, there will be no change in the codes list which identifying the reciever table)

For additional entries buttons, we must repeat the process from the beginning.

If already have registered codes in the receiver table and we can store another one, then the oldest code from the memory will be replaced by the new.

Deleting all the registered codes in the receiver

Press the button Auto Learn and hold it for 6 sec. The indicator LED of the receiver table will be start to flash quickly. All registered codes from the channels have deleted of the receiver table memory.


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